Taco Tuesday

Chips and Salsa
cheesy chips 4 + pickled jalapenos 4.5

Soft Corn Tortilla Tacos
Pulled Pork 2.5
Beef Brisket 3
Pulled Chicken 2.75

with mucho buenero BBQ sauce*, black bean salasa, queso fresco
with tomatillo sauce, queso fresco and pickled jalapeños
*mucho sauce contains peanuts 

Taco Tuesday Margaritas
lime, lemon or orange
exotico reposado tequila, triple sec, fresh citrus juice, simple syrup, served in a mason jar (salt rim on request)

Crazy Slider Wednesdays

Ordinary Joe Slider 2.5
burger + bun

Ordinary Joe Slider w/ Cheese Slider 2.75
burger + bun + cheddar

Joe Onion Slider 2.75
burger + bun + onions

Ordinary Joe w/ Cheese & Onion Slider 3
burger + bun + onions + cheddar

Smoke House Slider 4
burger + brisket +bun