We cater: Grad parties, corporate events, BBQ weddings, birthdays, special occasions

Food is available for pick up, drop off and delivery with or without set up (fee distance and volume dependent), or even full on site catering with chefs and servers present!

BBQ Hors d’oeuvres

Parmesan Tots with green chili ranch $1.5 each
Buttermilk Fried Yardbird Fingers $1.75 per piece
Nashville Hot Chicken Fingers $1.75 per piece
Mini Pig Griddle Cakes $2 each
Mini Smoke House Meatballs $2 each
Chicken Wings Hot or BBQ $14 per pound (1 pound feeds 4-6 persons)

Yard Chip Trays

1 sheet tray feeds approximately 24 people as an hors deouvre
veggie $40 pulled chicken or pulled pork $48 or beef $54

Party Ordering Quantity Guidelines:

Plan on serving 8 ounces of meat per person if one meat is chosen; plan on serving about 4-6 ounces of each meat per person if more than one meat is chosen

Plan on a full slab of ribs for every 2-3 people or if a meat is chosen, 4-6 ounces of meat per person + ¼ rack of ribs per person

Build your Own Slider Bar

Plan on serving 2 sliders per person, prices are per pound of meat… each pound of meat comes with 10 slider buns and toppings listed… extra slider buns $.75 each

Pig Pie Sliders
(available spring/ summer)
pulled pork, pint slaw, cup old yeller, cup Memphis, cup pickles

Pig Apple Pie Sliders
(available fall/ winter)
pulled pork, pint apples, sliced cheddar, cup old yeller sauce cup pickles

Smokey C Sliders
pulled chicken in mucho buenero sauce, pint onions and peppers, sliced swiss, cup pickles

Bo Dip
chopped and sauced smoked brisket au jus, pint onions and peppers, sliced swiss, cup horsey sauce, cup pickles

Build your Own Hot Dog Bar

All beef dogs are seared on the griddle

Plan on serving 1-2 dogs per person, there are 4 hot dogs per pound and each bar comes with toppings listed and 1 bun per dog

Basic Hot Dog Bar
served with old yeller mustard sauce, pickle relish, minced onions and slaw
$16 per pound

Chili Dog Bar
served with chili, old yeller mustard sauce, pickle relish, minced onion and slaw
$18 per pound

YB Dog Bar Supreme
served with maple-pepper smoked bacon, slaw, pulled pork, old yeller sauce, Memphis sauce, pickle relish, chili, minced onion
$20 per pound

Great Lakes Potato Chips $10 per pound

***disposable warming chafers not included in slider or dog bar pricing

Meats by the Pound

Brisket $15.75
Pulled Pork $12
Pulled Chicken $13.5
Smoked Salmon $19
Smoked Turkey Breast $19
Andouille Sausage $13.75

Slider Buns for meats $.75 each
Homemade Potato Buns $1.50 each

Full Slab of Ribs St. Louis Style or Baby Backs $22 (feeds 2-4 persons)
Half Slab of Ribs $15
1/4 slab per person $6

8 Piece Buttermilk Fried Yardbird $24 (feeds 4-6 persons)
12 piece Buttermilk Fried Yardbird $32 (feeds 6-8 persons)

Sauce it Up

A choice of 2 sauces will be included with all carry out or catering meat orders by ounce, cup, pint or quart depending on quantity of meat ordered

(extra sauce 2 ounce $0.75; 8 ounce $3.75; pint $6.75)

Kansas City: Ketchup, brown sugar, & spices (thick and tomatoey)

Memphis: Ketchup, cider vinegar, apple juice, molasses, & maple syrup

Old Yeller: Yellow dijon, & honey (tangy & bitter sweet)

New Yeller: yellow mustard, worcestershire, vinegar, butter, & black
pepper (rich & savory)

Harbor Heat: Beer, vinegar, & chili (thin, spicy, & sour)

Midwestern: ketchup, orange juice, brown sugar, & tamarind (sweet &

Retail 8 oz Mason Jar $6.5

Bulk Party Sides and Salads by the Pan

Pans of sides or salads will feed 10-12 persons, if several sides are chosen a pan will feed 14-16 persons

Pans of Sides

Bacon Dog Pit Beans $32
Mac and Cheese $30
Roasted Brussel Sprouts* $34
Buttermilk Slaw $30
Cornbread $30
Potato and Cheddar Jack Gratin* $36
Mashed Potatoes* $30
Roasted Apples* $32
Green Bean Casserole* $34
Fried Green Tomatoes^ $36
Potato Salad^ $32
Watermelon^ $26
Vegetable of the Day MKT

*these sides are available fall and winter only
^these sides are available spring and summer only

Most of our sides are also available by the cup $3 pint | $7 or quart | $13.5 for smaller groups

Disposable warming chaffers for hot sides or meats $24 each (holds 2 ½ pans)

Salads by the Pan

feeds approximately 12 persons (8 ounces dressing served on the side)

Simple $20
mixed greens with carrot, cucumber, tomato, cheddar jack, cornbread croutons and mustard vinaigrette

BLT $24
mixed greens with tomato, cornbread croutons, blue cheese, bacon bits and green chili ranch

Veggie $28
mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas, olives, peppers, beets, queso fresco, house dressing

SxSW $22
Mixed greens, black beans, fresh corn, tomato, cheddar jack, fried tortilla strips

Add 12 ounces smoked chicken $11 or 12 ounces smoked flaked salmon $12 or 12 ounces pulled pork $9 to any of the above to create an entrée salad


Pint$8 | Quart$16

Pint $10 | Quart$20

Homemade Desserts

(inquire about our current seasonal flavor)

1/2 pan of seasonal cobbler with 8 ounce custard sauce feeds 12-16 persons $38
½ pan frosted sheet cake feeds 12-16 persons $36

Remember, many of our beverages, Faygo products, beer and wine are available for take out!

Yardbird also offer a variety of catering services, from disposable catering supplies such as warming chaffers, plastic ware and napkins to plate, dish and linen rental. We offer delivery and set up of your event or full servicing with cooks and servers/ bartenders present. Call Chef Jeremy at 248.681.2124 or 248.565.6326 for further details or to help plan your event & lets eat!